First sourdough bread workshop in Chambésy

On 24th of May I organised, with the support of the association Cham’Art, my first sourdough bread workshop.
During 4 hours, the participants got the basic information on how to prepare and take care of their own sourdough starter, and how to make a bread out of it. It was both a theoretical and practical course, and the eight participants (7 adults plus a very talented 10 year old girl!) went through the process of bread kneading and baking.
It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too, thanks to the enthusiasm of everyone!
At the end of the four hours, everyone went back home with a small round baked loaf, and with the dough to make a regular round loaf at home. (That one has to ferment for 12 hours before baking).
Thanks to the good will of Andrea, one of the participants who has a real wood owen at home, two of us where able to bake our loaf in her owen, the next day; a thrilling experience!